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All "Bivalent Boosted" Mice Got Covid When Challenged

ACIP slide says that all 8 mice got Covid anyways. Who cares, right?

Remember how Joe Biden and Rachel Maddow said that Covid stops with every vaccinated person?

Turns out that it was not true for people, and it is not even true for mice.

All 8 mice, vaccinated with Moderna Ba.5 booster, became infected with Covid when challenged with Ba.5 variant virus after receiving their Ba.5-based bivalent boosters!

Here’s a helpful infographic, presented today at the CDC ACIP committee meeting.

Dead mice were photoshopped by me to increase the urge to share this article on social media.


What does the infographic show? The red-circled dot plots show viral counts in the LUNGS and in the NOSES of mice, who were twice-vaccinated with Moderna original series, then boosted with the Ba.5-based “bivalent booster”, then were exposed to a Ba.5 infection.

These are the super-protected mice, fully shielded by the magical power of mRNA science, right? Vaxed, and boosted with a Moderna Ba. 5-based booster. Can’t dream of better protection against Ba.5, wouldn’t you agree?

And what happened to these mice when challenged with Ba.5?

All eight mice got Covid! Oops.


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