ACIP committee will likely add the COVID vaccines to the childhood vaccination program on Thursday

This will allow the vaccine makers to escape product liability for the adult vaccines which means the "emergency" can end, but the liability protection lives on.

Steve Kirsch

Here’s the Thursday agenda for the ACIP committee meeting that starts on Wednesday, Oct 19:

It’s too ambiguous to figure out so we should assume the worst.

They aren’t supposed to put an EUA vaccine on the Immunization Schedule, but since when has that stopped them?

This is the big prize for a vaccine manufacturer.

If you get put on the CDC childhood vaccine schedule, it means:

  1. Liability protection forever for not just the vaccine for kids, but for the adult vaccine as well

  2. All states require vaccination in order to attend public school. Many tie their list to the CDC list or a subset thereof. So getting on the list is a key step to being mandated in many states.

That’s why they’ve targeted the kids with a vaccine that they don’t need.