A Five-Step Program to Beat COVID

Let me say at the outset, I am not an epidemiologist or virologist, nor do I have any medical training other than the experience which my 73 years on this planet has provided me. However, I am a mathematician, so am blessed with more than a smidgeon of those qualities that have sadly gone missing in recent times: logic and common sense.

The first thing that needs to occur to fight our way out of the pandemic blues is the restoration of the importance of the doctor-patient relationship. It should be as sacrosanct as the lawyer – client relationship or the priest – confessor relationship. To be quite honest, I rarely visit a doctor, so do not have a particularly strong doctor-patient relationship.

However, every couple of years, I visit my doctor to have my ears de-waxed. This year, in September, my wife came with me. In addition, early in 2020, prior to COVID even being given a name, my wife had been a little off-colour, with a sore throat, headaches and a cough. Later, when thinking and reading about COVID, she suspected she might have had a mild dose of the virus, so she asked the doctor to test for COVID antibodies. To our surprise and, indeed, shock, the doctor informed us that he would be subject to a $50,000 fine should he request such a blood test.

We were so shocked by this call we didn’t ask him another key question, that being ‘Who imposed the fine?’ (We assumed the state government). When we asked him why this was the case, he responded with some garbled message about too many people would want the test. It was only after we left that we realised that he had been told by some bureaucrat that he was unable to carry out his job as a medical practitioner in mutual cooperation with his patients because the bureaucracy wanted everyone to be vaccinated. I have read of a doctor in the Eastern States whose surgery was raided by government officials and records confiscated. Apparently this doctor allegedly strayed from the prescribed treatment plan, which boils down to this: if diagnosed with COVID, you go home until you get better or, if you don’t, you go into hospital.

Vaccination at that stage was the only approved treatment.

When bureaucrats are telling doctors how they are to treat patients, and giving the doctors themselves no leeway to vary the treatment, then it is not the patient who is ill, it is society that perpetrates such outrages. We desperately need to allow doctors and patients to chart their mutually agreed treatment pathways.

The second step along the pathway to freedom from COVID is to abandon that one-dimensional vaccination pathway. Any rational person would have to admit by now that the vaccinations are not working as billed. Remember how we wee told the double-jab vaccines were coming and how they would stop the virus in its tracks? Then the same oracles of epidemiology said we’d need a booster after the impact of the first two jabs waned to zero, or even incurred a negative, after a relatively short six months. Governments are now promising the booster will be the end of it, but we only have to look overseas to see many countries are well into implementing the second booster, or, if one keeps count, the fourth. One could fairly question our own government about the integrity of the promise that the booster will be the end of it, when it has purchased sufficient supplies to keep us boosted every three months for several years into the future. The inoculated have turned out to be just as contagious as unvaccinated people, and hospital numbers are skyrocketing among the vaccinated. Today (Jan 5), for example, the two most populous states, NSW and Victoria, are reporting 35,054 and 17,636 cases respectively.

To abandon the face mask/lockdown/vaccinate paradigm adopted by almost all state governments, a suitable alternative must be on offer. There are any number of early treatment protocols that are used in other parts of the world, but which are banned by the Therapeutic Goods Administration and health bureaucrats here in Australia. The early treatment protocols include medications and supplements in various doses involving ivermectin, fluvoxamine, aspirin, Vitamin D, quercetin, zinc, monoclonal antibodies, and steroids.

As I said at the start of this article, I am no medical specialist, but I am sure there are plenty of doctors out there who would love to provide packages made up with some of these protocols. If a government is keen to spend money on fixing the problem, rather than pouring billions of dollars into failing vaccines, perhaps GPs and hospitals could be provided with packages that contain, in appropriate dosages, some or all of the above-mentioned medications and supplements. Just to keep everyone happy, I would include a set of masks, as well as antiseptic hand wash, all with instructions about the need to isolate and maintain good hygiene within the patient’s domicile.

The third step on the path to normalcy is probably the toughest, as it is going to require politicians, health bureaucrats and the media to admit that they have got it wrong. The first thing they need to do is stop discovering cases. That’s right! Stop discovering cases. Once that happens they will stop reporting on “cases”, and stop the incessant fearmongering that has been going on in our communities for the past 24 months. The easiest way to stop discovering cases is to close down the numerous public testing facilities. Similarly, all the contact tracing can then be put aside. People will not have to check in to every place they visit. The reality of the virus now is that the Omicron strain is by far and away the dominant strain, and its symptoms appear to be comparable with the common cold — albeit, in some cases, a severe cold.