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A final warning to humanity from former Pfizer Chief Scientist Dr Mike Yeadon

Highly accomplished scientist Dr. Yeadon talks us through his concerns about the pandemic response and the experimental vaccines.

Explained in clear terms this frank interview discusses the many reasons to question the current narrative, the flaws in the testing process, the actual threat of asymptomatic spread, the threat of Covid compared to influenza and why many academics, despite privately agreeing with Dr Yeadon's conclusions, are not speaking out.

In lockstep with Dr Yeadon's conclusions, we only have to look at the highly vaccinated countries such as Israel, Iceland and Gibraltar to see the escalating rise in cases among the vaccinated.

Please don't be put off by Dr Yeadon appearing on the alternative platform BitChute. When you hear what he has to say, it will apparent why he has been censored and refused a voice on the mainstream media and social media.


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