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45 Year Old John Hopkins Hospital Employee Dies After Reaction To Mandatory Covid Shot

Another tragic story and this time it involves a 45 year old mother of two who was required to receive a vaccination as a condition of her employment.

Who now is liable for her death? (See comment in the article). Or indeed the death of anyone that is pressured into taking a vaccine they would not otherwise make the decision to take?

Any way you cut it, taking a 'mandatory' vaccination or agreeing to anything else that enables exclusion and segregation based on your medical choices (such as passports and certificates) is a very slippery slope and a long way from 'informed consent'.

There are important considerations that will have far reaching consequences if we let our medical freedom be taken away, regardless of whether you would like to take the shot or not.

Where there is risk THERE MUST BE CHOICE. We think having that choice is worth fighting for.


Are you being pressured by an employer? It's STILL illegal in Australia at the time of writing, although increasing pressure is mounting.

Download our Declination Letter and seek legal advice.

Is this going to be the future for many, just like the Swine Flu scandal?

Norway to pay compensation for AstraZeneca side effects as patients who suffered from Pfizer & Moderna watch and wait

Payouts and costly drawn out legal processes can NEVER return your health or your loved ones.

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